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Picobrew - Pico Pro Personal Craft Beer Brewery - Free Ground Shipping!

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Brew The Impossible- Automatically brew 5 liters of fresh craft beer at home in about 2 hours using eco-friendly grain and hop PicoPaks from dozens of award-winning breweries worldwide.

-Pico brewing machine
-User manual
-One (1) PicoPak
-One (1) Brewing Keg
-One (1) Dispensing Keg
-Brewing keg seal, stopper, and keg lid
-Keg Cozy for maintaining brewing temperature
-Fast Fermentation Adapter for decreasing fermentation time
-Dispensing keg plug
-Dip tube brush for brewing keg cleaning
-(2) Keg Wands for system cleaning
-Racking tube for transferring wort from brewing keg to dispensing keg
-CO2 regulator and adapter for dispensing keg
-Cleaning tablets for deep cleaning
-Sous Vide Adapter

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