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Behmor Brazen Plus Customizable Brew System - Free Ground Shipping!

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-Brewing temperature is adjustable from 190 degree F to 210 degree F
-Patent-pending elevation calibration allows you to adjust the temperature to account for brewing variations caused by changes in elevation
-Pre-soak setting allows the coffee bed to properly bloom
-Pulsing water flow and the oversized shower head provide complete saturation of the coffee bed and result in full flavor extraction
-Programmable start time ensures brewed coffee is ready when you are
-Oversized filter basket allows you to add more coffee for a stronger brew
-Memory save feature preserves your settings in the event of a power outage
-Works with the included gold-tone filter or disposable paper filters
-Thermal carafe keeps brewed coffee hot for hours
-Adjustable water temperature makes it easy to brew tea as well as coffee
-Includes: Unit, carafe, gold-tone filter



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